Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Team captain

Yesterday at gym we had a parents meeting. We talked about the meets last year and the ones coming up this year. The coolest meet that I heard was Black Jack. Black Jack is in as Vegas. The thing about it though is it costs 100 dollars. that is a lot of money concidering we have 4 others to go to. And since it costs so me and my mom are trying to think of ways to earn money so we could pay that meet off. Erin and Patrick already gave me some great ideas to earn money THANK YOU GUYS. Since I'm team capitan and all there are a couple of responsibilities that I have and the ones that I've already done is make sure everyone is streached out by the time gym is going to start. Another is making homework that the guys have to do everyday or the days there not at gym. And one of my personal favorites calling everyone to tell them that " We have gym today." The reason why thats my favorite is because sometimes they don't have the best reasons why they can't come to gym today. Well it looks like I got to go sorry I couldn't write anymore than this but I think it looka a lot better than when it was smaller. Love you all. Bye

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Snake River

Hey, what do you know I'm back. Me and most my entire family all went to the Snake River we all had a blast. The water was really high this year so Lunch Counter was huge! on one of the runs me, Jordan, and Erin all jumped out on Octopus it was great my Grammy and Grampy went once and it was the most misserable one out of the 3 days we were there. As we left it started to rain, and it kept going on for practicly the whole trip it was FREEZING but still fun. on the last run of the whole year jordan was the guide. He was a pretty good one to, but during that trp down the river we got into 2 water fights thay were crazy. On the first fight Jordan jumped onto the other boat and almost broke his and the other guide bodies against a rock wall. And believe me that would be bad. On the second one there were 2 boats againts us and we were killing them. Then one of there people jumped onto our boat and pushed my uncle Patrick out of our boat and went for Justin but Jordan pushed right back into the boat it was hillarious. talk to you soon. P.S. In a few days I think I'll have pictures. Bye.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love Of God

Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love us very much. But sometimes we're to much into whatever we're doing to relise it. They gave us this Earth, our bodies, and wonderful parents. Did you ever think of why Jesus died for us? Think about that one. He did it so we can live with him and God again. That is the greatest blessing we will ever recieve, and all that we have to do is be the best of our abilities. I hope tonight your thinking about this I'm going to be. This is a very good thing to think about. I love my family more than imaginable. What about you? I'm not just talking about brothers and sisters mom and dad. How about grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. And people like that don't you love them to. Because they are amazing people. So just think until you fall asleep. Talk to you soon. Love Johnny

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Help From Grampy

This is my Grampy and me. Just yesterday grampy helped me fix my tire to the bike I got. It was a blast. We went to the store together and took my bike apart. but couple of hours later my bike got another flat so when we were fixing it again grampy walks up to me and shows me something and guess what it was it was a sticker inside the tube that was causing the holes so when we got it out, the thorn was about the size of the biggest fingernail that I have it was huge! I'm just glad that we finally got it out so I could ride it without any disturbances. I was also glad that me and grampy could spend some time together. talk to you soon Johnny.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

After State

Right after state I went to gymnastics and I did the parallel bars and I started working a thing that's called a Moy to support, that means that I go through the bars and land on my hands in support and swing into an L sit I got that 2 days after state. Me and Gabe thought that we should have worked it a little longer then we would have had a bonus in the P bars. Gabe also said that I might be able to be a level 8 if my pommel horse routine cleans up. I'm getting a lot better. In fact I can't believe how good I am. talk to you soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dare Devil Stunt

Here is a really cool way to go down the stairs. You should try it sometime! By the way the noise you can hear in the background is my brother playing the drums in the game Rock Band.

Talk to ya soon, Johnny


Today I had to start school again. It wasn't all bad but to bad I had to wake up at 6:15. That was the worst part of the whole day. Instead of watching T.V. all day I had to actually learn stuff(just kidding). It was cool I showed my teacher my blog she thought that it was awsome. Of course being me I just had to agree with her. She laughed when I said " I know", I kind of laughed too. We learned about the Constitution being signed and all that jazz. I already knew about most of it but I still learned a lot today. The school counselor came in today and said that she could've read The Rainbow Fish, but for some reason decided to read a true story. During the first recess is when I showed my teacher the blog. I played soccer every recess after that. I scored three goals today. Well that's not very impressive compared to how good the guys that Justin has to play against are. Anyway back to school. Every morning before school our mom has a routine that we all do. We wake up really early and eat while our mom reads us the scriptures. Then when were all done Justin takes a shower then Jalen then me then Lonica. It really helps us through the day since Justin goes to school first then Jalen then me and Lonica. It's quite weird but we do it anyway. I thought it was kind of fun today at school. Nice talking to you guys. Bye.